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“I had the pleasure recently to view the incredible new IMAX® documentary Flight Of The Butterflies, now playing at the Ontario Science Centre, and review the excellent Educator’s Guide which has been prepared to accompany the film. The film is a wonderful mix of entertainment and education, covering many areas of curriculum including biology, migration, botany, ecology, geography, history and countless others. Based on the amazing real-life story of Dr Fred Urquhart, Flight Of The Butterflies takes viewers through the life-cycle of the monarch butterfly, and charts their incredible annual 4,000 km migration to their secret over-wintering sanctuary in Mexico. Utilizing the latest IMAX® technology, CT scans and ultrasound imaging, the film presents never-before-seen footage, from inside a chrysalis, to forests covered with millions of hibernating monarchs. Flight Of The Butterflies is a story of incredible perseverance, both of the monarchs who overcome impossible odds to survive, and the researchers and “citizen scientists” who have worked tirelessly to unravel their mysteries. I highly recommend this film to teachers for their classrooms.”

– Jane Allin, Elementary School Principal, Toronto, Ontario

“I’ve seen butterflies, but that many? I didn’t even know that there could be that many in just one area. I mean, it’s amazing!”

– Brandon, age 11

“Attention all grandparents, busy parents, aunts and uncles — if there’s one motion picture you must take an important child in your life to, it’s Flight of the Butterflies! While we all complain of the horrendous media our kids are subjected to, we must also support important and conscientious productions like this… a cinematic scientific adventure of nature, the mystery of live, beauty and simplicity and a detective story; all in a glorious IMAX experience.”

– Glenn Palmedo-Smith, Emmy Award Filmmaker

“If you haven’t seen Flight of the Butterflies at your local IMAX theatre you MUST! Took my class today. What a great experience. If it’s not showing nearby please request (it through your local theatre or look online). You really feel like you are in the trees with the monarchs!”

– Amanda Flaherty Messinger, Duke University


Colouring Sheets

Flight of the Butterflies: The Life Cycle

Flight of the Butterflies: The Migration

Flight of the Butterflies: The Film

Flight of the Butterflies: The Monarch Butterfly

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Flight of the Butterflies – Questionnaire

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