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Florida Monarch Butterfly Populations Have Dropped 80 Percent Since 2005

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Florida Museum – November 19, 2018

A 37-year survey of monarch populations in North Central Florida shows that caterpillars and butterflies have been declining since 1985. While reasons for monarchs’ dwindling numbers aren’t clear, researchers say shrinking native milkweed populations and a boost in glyphosate use in the Midwest are part of the problem. Adding that this decrease parallels dwindling numbers in monarchs’ overwintering grounds in Mexico.

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The butterfly effect: How Canadians and their smartphones are helping scientists map species diversity

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The Globe and Mail – October 7, 2018

More than 100,000 amateur butterfly sightings combined with a trove of professional data have produced a richer picture of the natural world

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Inside the Murky World of Butterfly Catchers

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National Geographic Magazine – August 2018 issue

Matthew Teague takes readers on a journey through the forests on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, lead by butterfly hunter Jasmin Zainuddin. A bitter sweet tale of intricate legalities and passion fuelled by a true love for these winged insects. Teague’s relationship with them started when he and his family saw Flight of the Butterflies in theaters and were inspired by the small creatures’ amazing journey.

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By Creating Habitats For Monarch Butterflies In Cities, Scientists Hope To Save Them

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NPR – August 15, 2018

Monarch butterflies, like many other pollinators, are in trouble. Monarch populations have declined nearly 80 percent over the last two decades. NPR’s Laurel Wamsley reports that scientists are looking for help in their own backyards.

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Photo by Courtney Celley – USFWS

Chasing Butterflies

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Canadian Geographic – August 13, 2018

In 1976, Fred Urquhart and his wife, Norah, solved one of the world’s great natural mysteries: the monarch butterfly migration. Now, over 40 years later, Fred’s grandson and his own wife have retraced that amazing journey.


Remembering Expert and Scientist Lincoln Brower, Advocate for the Iconic Monarch Butterfly

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The Globe and Mail – July 23, 2018

Lincoln Brower, who was considered one of the foremost experts on the iconic monarch butterfly and a scientist who advocated for the protection of the declining species, has died. His contributions to Flight of the Butterflies were important to the film’s scientific accuracy and the team behind it sends their love and support to his wife and children.


Protected – Monarch Butterfly now listed as endangered species in Nova Scotia

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Annapolis County Spectator – September 19, 2017

The monarch butterfly was added Sept. 1 in the category ‘endangered’ to the province’s list of species at risk. This allows the provincial government to better manage for that species, plus there are some steps individuals can take to help.