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The Monarch butterfly is an icon and treasure of Mexico and the Federal Government and the governments of the two states where the Monarchs over-winter are committed to the celebration and preservation of the Monarch. The specific Mexican partners are:

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Sectur Federal:

The Federal Ministry of Tourism.

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Mexican Tourism Board:

A public-private partnership dedicated to tourism promotion.

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The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico (SEMARNAT) is the federal government agency in charge of the preservation and restoration of the country’s ecosystems and natural resources, protecting and promoting their sustainable usage.

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The Federal agency within the Ministry of Culture, responsible for supporting the film industry in Mexico.

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The State of Michoacán:

Ministry of Tourism.

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State of Mexico:

Ministry of Tourism.

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Grupo Bimbo:

Funding and Marketing partner. Grupo Bimbo is the largest baked goods company in the world. U.S. brands include Sara Lee and Entenmann.

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Funding and Marketing partner. Major international beverage company, including being Coca-Cola’s main bottler in Mexico and most of Latin America. The company also has a large stake in Heineken.

Educational Participants

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National Science Foundation:

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No.1027588. The NSF is one of the most respected funders of scientific research and education in the United States. Due to the success of Bugs! and the concept for Flight of the Butterflies in 3D, the Film and its accompanying educational outreach campaign was granted the largest media grant available from NSF ($3 million). Major funding provided by the NSF, with a strong emphasis on educational outreach.

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Maryland Science Center:

MSC is a leading science museum and is the prime recipient of the project’s National Science Foundation grant and is responsible for the creation and management of the educational outreach campaign.

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Monarchs in The Classroom:

Monarchs in the Classroom use Monarchs and other insects as focal organisms in inquiry-based teacher workshops. The Monarch butterfly serves as an excellent tool to get students excited about science and to teach inquiry in the classroom. MITC is a program of University of Minnesota Extension and the University of Minnesota Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology.

Conservation Partners

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Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza:

FMCN is Mexico’s leading conservation organization and jointly manages “Fondo Monarca”, the fund dedicated to Mexico’s Monarch reserves. FMCN will lead conservation fundraising efforts tied to the project and will receive a significant share of the film’s profits for the benefit of Monarch habitat conservation.

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Monarch Watch:

Maintained by the University of Kansas and led by one of the project’s key science advisors, Professor Orley “Chip” Taylor, Monarch Watch is an online resource for the Monarch migration. Its website hosts the only Monarch tag recovery database on the web, with data from 1992 to the present. They will work closely with MSC on workshops and other outreach activities for the project.

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Journey North:

Journey North engages students and citizen scientists around the globe in tracking wildlife migration and seasonal change. Participants share field observations across the northern hemisphere, exploring the interrelated aspects of seasonal change. They also offer an interactive app allowing participants to observe and report in ‘real-time.’

Production and Distribution Team:

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SK Films:

Lead Producer and Worldwide Distributor

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Sin Sentido Films:

Co-producer (Mexico)

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Picture Projects:

Co-producer (U.K.)